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Guatemala in November

Guatemala weather in November

Avg. temperature: 19.5°C / 67.1°FSun: 7.1 hrs per day (sunshine) / 11.5 hrs per day (daylight)
Rain: 48.8 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 79.2%

If you’re thinking about visiting Guatemala in November, you’ve picked one of the greatest times of year! 

The weather is fantastic as Guatemala says goodbye to the rainy season and prepares for dry skies and plenty of sunshine. The best bit, though, is that November isn’t quite peak tourist season. 

So, if you’re travelling to Guatemala in November, you’ll benefit from the cracking weather and fewer crowds and better deals on travel and accommodation. What better combination?!

The daily temperature ranges from a cool 15°C on an evening to highs of typically around 24°C, so it’s not too hot, but perfect to enjoy the long hours of the sun’s warm rays. If you’re seeking super hot weather, head west to the Pacific Coast where the temperature can reach the mid-30’s on a good day.

As the rainy season has just ended, Guatemala’s stunning natural landscape comes to life, freshly watered and more vivid and lively than ever. The rainforests thrive from the downpours of the previous months and it’s a fantastic time to trek in the jungle as the trees come alive with singing birds and interesting wildlife.

Things to do in Guatemala in November

Celebrate All Saints Day on the first of the month

On the 1st of November each year, Guatemalans come together to pay respect to the deceased, celebrating the lives lost with friends, family and loved ones. All Saints Day – Guatemala’s answer to the Day of the Dead – is one of togetherness and the whole country transforms into a vibrant exhibition of remembrance.

The Kite Festival is an important part of the celebration as an extravagant display of lavishly decorated kites floods the sky, said by locals to be a way to connect with those who have passed. It is said that the deceased are able to recognise the kites of their loved ones by their personalised colour schemes and designs, and they are used as a way to communicate.

The day begins with processions to the graves of lost loved ones, which have been lovingly cleaned and decorated in the 24 hours leading to All Saints Day. Prayers are said and songs are sung, flowers left against the stones as a show of remembrance and respect. At night there is a fireworks display and a traditional meal to close the celebrations.

The Giant Kites Festival is held in Santiago Sacatepéquez and is incredibly popular with tourists as it is known to be the best of its kind in all of Guatemala.

Guatemala City, the country’s capital, also holds a massive parade and street party to honor this sacred day.

During the celebrations expect accommodation prices to be a little higher than the rest of the month, but it’s worth the extra money to experience something truly unique.

Guatemala November weather is perfect for hiking to Acatenango

Little rain, warm days, cool evenings and more than 12 hours of daylight mean it’s a great time to do some hiking. In fact, thanks to its mountainous terrain and stunning natural landscape hiking is one of the most popular activities in Guatemala and one of the main reasons so many people visit each year.

For outdoor adventurers one of the best hikes in Guatemala is up the Acatenango Volcano, which can be completed over the course of two days and is considered difficult, so only suitable for experienced hikers.

As the third highest volcano in Central America, it’s a pretty epic trek and the views from the summit are out of this world in November, as visibility is generally very good.

A floral festival in Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala (or ‘old’ Guatemala) is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s a beautiful colonial city filled with ancient ruins and pretty pastel buildings and we’d highly recommend you include it on your itinerary, regardless of when you choose to visit.

In November, as the rainy season has just ended the Festival De Las Flores is held in Antigua as flowers come into bloom. Gorgeous floral arrangements are displayed throughout the city, perfectly complementing the ancient buildings and quaint cobblestone streets – in fact, during the festival the city feels like something out of a story book.

There are plenty of things to see in Antigua at any time of year, such as the historical ruined centre, but we would recommend checking it out during the flower festival.

Spot some baby sea turtles being released into the Pacific Ocean

Each year between June and December, hundreds of sea turtles come ashore at night along Guatemala’s Pacific coast to lay their eggs. Hatching season falls between September and January, so you’ll have the chance to see the Tortugario Monterrico hatchery release the baby turtles into the sea – a truly mesmerising experience.

The beach itself is also worth enjoying during the hot days of November. It’s unusual, and certainly not your typical beach break, so don’t expect a resort-style beach holiday that you may get in a neighbouring country. In fact, the sand here is of volcanic origin and is jet black, so it’s certainly unique!

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