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Guatemala in August

Guatemala weather in August

Avg. temperature: 25.5°C / 77.9°FSun: 191.8 hours a month
Rain: 202.7 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 80.9%

The dog days have arrived in Guatemala. As the rainy season lets up lightly for a short period of time before it comes back in September, the opportunity is ripe to explore the beauty of the country. You can explore the modern cityscape of Guatemala City, the volcanoes around Flores, the highlands of Antigua or just rest by the beaches along the Pacific coast. You can spend your summer vacation with a great mix of local and tourist attractions.

As noted, Guatemala experiences slightly less rain than the heights of the season in July and September. The daily temperatures tend to be along the same lines across the country, with temperatures staying pretty high for the dog days and the nights being chillier as the country cools off with an evening sprinkle. The jungles and wilderness areas come alive during this season as the rainy period has brought the wildlife out and the plants in full bloom. With this being said, the paths get pretty muddy, so make sure to bring the proper footwear.

It is worth noting that August commences the hurricane season which runs from August to October. There may be hurricanes coming from the Pacific Coast, but they are more common in the Carribean during this time. If you plan to travel to Guatemala during August, make sure to keep an eye on the weather forecasts as the days go by especially if you are on the Carribean Coast. 

Where to go in Guatemala in August

Hike in the Highlands

August is especially beautiful for hiking, as the rainy season backs off for a short period of time and the wilderness is revealed to be blossomed and in full bloom as the flora and fauna are replenished. Explore the city of Antigua, a wondrous colonial town nestled in the highlands of Guatemala. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the gateway to the Guatemala Highlands with its famous Santa Catalina providing a unique view of the Volcano De Agua in the background. Walk through the colourful streets and take in the sheer culture and beauty of this beautiful meeting point of nature and humanity. 

Experience the best views in the country by staying in the eco-resorts with its sustainable amenities and great hotel-like service. The views of the volcanoes as you wind down and watch the low rain clouds roll over them in the early evening hours are said to be unparalleled and beautifully unique in the region. Take a hike through the hilly forests and the lush green landscape for an extremely rewarding ecological experience.

Dia de la Virgen de la Asunción

This is the main August event celebrated throughout the country. The name translates to the Festival of the Virgin of the Assumption. The biggest festivities take place in the capital Guatemala City on August 15 as a celebration of the city’s patron saint. You will be amazed by the extreme display of devotion as the city comes alive with market stalls, parades, parties and celebrations of light using fireworks and firecrackers. This is a great experience for people wanting a fun family atmosphere with lots for the kids to do. For a quintessential local experience, you are able to try the traditional foods, dance the night away and just take in the festive atmosphere that this beautiful country has to offer on one of the most important summer festivals. 

Brush Up on some Spanish Under the Sun

Guatemala advertises itself as an ideal place to learn the Spanish language with its many immersion programs dotted around the country. The most famous of which is in the picturesque colonial city of Antigua, with one of the highest amounts of Spanish Immersion courses in the country. These courses have different timelines, where you are placed in a highly immersive and interactive environment where you can learn structure and grammar, but also putting it to the test with conversational classes and field trips where you can speak and learn with the local population to both get a sense of the local culture, dialects and the differences between formal Spanish and the slang terms around the country. This is the best way to create a learning experience for yourself while you’re out and about, or if you want to be productive while escaping the afternoon drizzles.

What to pack for a Guatemala trip in August

The good thing about Guatemala in August is that you are able to pack light but sensibly to create the most comfortable travel experience possible. Bring some comfortable and airy clothing for the extra hot days, but also some lightweight but covered clothing for the cooler nights in the highlands. Make sure to also bring light rainwear as you will have to contend with some rain even though it does not rain as much as the rest of the rain season. If you are a more adventurous spirit, make sure to bring the correct footwear to walk through the muddier paths in the rainforests.

Booking your Guatemala trip in August

Although it is the rainy season, it is summer vacation in most North American countries, and people will be wanting to go anywhere they can that is tropical and warm. With this in mind, Guatemala can be pretty busy in August and you will have to contend with international tourists when planning your trip. Fortunately, the prices are not as high as it is in the high season. It is definitely recommended to plan ahead, but essentially, you are free to plan whenever you want since it is not nearly as busy in August.

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