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The best Waterfalls in Guatemala

Siete Altares Waterfall (Seven Altars)

Located near the beachside town of Livingston, this series of seven waterfalls hidden within the jungle of Guatemala is well worth the hike or boat road to experience the natural beauty on offer.

Hiking the route from Livingston to the waterfalls is about an hour and a half through the jungle, you will get to listen to birds and other wildlife. Alternatively you can hire a boat guide to take you from Livingston to the entrance of Seven Altars, the hike from the entrance is about 30 minutes. Whatever way you decide to reach Seven Altars ensure you hire a guide.

The series of waterfalls flow into pools where you can take a dip to cool off from the walk and heat but make sure you make it to the 7th and final waterfall as it’s certainly the finest of the lot. If you’re looking for Guatemala pools and waterfalls, this is the one to visit.

While Seven Altars is open all year round, it’s best to go during the rainy season to see the waterfalls in full force.

Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey means “where the river hides under the stones”, and is a must-see natural wonder when visiting Guatemala, and is only an hour away from the town of Lanquin which is located just one hour away.

Cascading over a mossy rock into limestone pools, it’s a great place to swim, especially after you build up a sweat hiking to the viewpoint at the top. The viewpoint will make for a stunning view of the pools below and surrounding rainforest, and will make it easy to see why this is also called the Blue River Waterfall Guatemala.

The Semuc Champey is the perfect location to forget about all the worries about life in the city and get back to nature with its absolutely stunning surroundings, sit in the refreshing pools and listen to the birds sing away. And this amazing experience is just $5.

Los Amates Waterfall

Located just one hour drive from the lakeside town of Izabal, the spectacular Los Amates waterfall is 35 metres tall rock wall with a stunning view of the surrounding area from the top of the falls and with a pool perfect for swimming at the bottom of the falls.

Getting to Los Amates is fairly difficult as it’s only accessible by 4X4 vehicle so it is best to plan a private driver to take you there. It takes a few hours to get through the terrain, so it’s best to leave in the early hours of the day. 

If you’re looking to test your rappelling abilities, organized local tours include rappelling down the waterfall.

Make sure you bring a change of clothes, water and food with you also it can get very hot here so cooling off in the pool at the bottom of the falls is fantastic.

Las Conchas Waterfall

Located just one and half hours from Rio Dulce, Las Conchas waterfall is certainly worth a visit for a day.

The waterfall surrounded by jungle stands at 15 metres and with limestone pools at the bottom provides a great chance to relax, Las Conchas gets its name from the snails found near the bottom of the falls.

There is also a viewing platform at the top which is only a short hike, and definitely worth the effort to see the natural beauty of the area.

Equality Falls

On the slopes of the Tajumulco volcano, Equality falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Central America at around 200 metres. With its swimming pool at the bottom of the falls and hot springs about 20 minutes walking away from the falls, it’s certainly worth the adventure.

This area of Guatemala was previously privately owned land but has been opened up so there is a great chance to see a natural jewel of Guatemala that is maintained by the local community. 

Getting to Equality falls, take a guided tour from Quetzaltenango which is about 2 and half to 3 hour drive so leave in the early morning. Once you reach the local community, it’s about a 40 minute walk to the falls, where you can cool off in the pool, take a much deserved rest and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Finca el Paraiso

Translated into ‘the paradise’ the name says it all. This Guatemala waterfall stands at 12 metres and is fed by natural hot springs water. Finca el Paraiso is one of Guatemala’s hidden gems, you’ll enjoy the warm water by standing under the cascading water, swimming in the pool to cool off and venture to the nearby natural hot springs to relax.

A trip to Finca el Paraiso is perfect to recharge your batteries and getting there doesn’t require hours of hiking. It’s just 40 minutes from the town of Rio Dulce, and after you’ve paid the small entrance fee of $3USD, a short walk through the jungle where you can listen to the sounds of birds and other wildlife.

You’ll know when you’re getting close to ‘the paradise’ as you’ll hear the flow of water, followed by the sight of steam ascending through the tree’s which is produced by the natural hot water hitting the colder waters of the river. This really is a unique experience.

After you’ve enjoyed the warm water from the falls and the cooler waters of the pool, head up the waterfall to relax in the natural hot pools.

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