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Guatemala in April

Guatemala Weather in April

Avg. temperature: 32°C / 90°FSun: 8 hours of sunlight, 4 hours of daylight per day
Rain: 36 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 59%

Looking to visit Guatemala in April? The spring time brings some of the hottest temperatures, but beautiful celebrations! Guatemala does not have the typical four seasons, but wet and dry seasons. The dry season lasts from November to April, while the wet season lasts from May to October. April falls at the very end of Guatemala’s dry season, which means the month of April experiences almost no rain, and the humidity increases as the month goes on, getting ready for the rainy season.

Even though the high season in Guatemala is from December to January, April usually has the week of Easter, which is an extremely popular holiday in Guatemala. During the week of Easter, crowds start to resurface for the celebrations.

Due to the amazing weather and decreased precipitation, Guatemala in April is a great time to visit the beaches and lakes to enjoy the heat. Or, head up to the mountains, where you won’t feel the heat as strongly, but the weather will be perfect for a great hike!

Things to do in Guatemala in April


If you’re going to celebrate Easter far from home, you should head to Guatemala! The locals are religious and very passionate about this holiday. So much so, that the whole week leading up to Easter contains festivities, parades, and processions. This Holy Week, known as Semana Santa, will be the most unique Easter experience, and the best thing to do when visiting Guatemala in April.

Lake Atitlan

In Guatemala’s southwestern highlands lies the Atitlan Volcano. Lake Atitlan is created from one of Atitlan Volcano’s craters and sits just below the volcano. Surrounded by hills and volcanoes, Lake Atitlan’s views are unmatched. Known as a popular site to visit, due to its beauty and Mayan history, it should not be missed when visiting Guatemala in April. Lake Atitlan is perfect for visitors going to Guatemala in April, because it is perfect for a swim and you’ll have the most stunning views on clear, bright, sunny days!

Highland Towns

During the hot days of April in Guatemala, you may want to escape the what to cool off. If you head up the mountains into the highlands, you’ll surely find that relief! There will be less crowds, and you’ll be able to see more of the Mayan culture in these highland villages. Visiting Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango are both great villages and worth visiting whether you are trying to escape the heat or not, when visiting Guatemala in April!



Lent takes place from Ash Wednesday to Easter, every Sunday the church processions get larger and larger, leading up to the biggest event in the Catholic calendar, Easter. In April, the celebrations of Lent will only affect Sundays, so do not expect any difficulties getting around during your time in Guatemala. It is always a great idea to be mindful of the importance of these holidays for the local people, and to always respect the local ceremonies.

Semana Santa (Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday)

The week of Easter is probably one of the biggest times in Guatemala. This Holy Week is filled with festivals, processions, and church services. You can find celebrations happening all around Guatemala, especially in the big cities, such as Antigua. It is always a great idea to be mindful of the importance of these holidays for the local people, and to always respect the local ceremonies. If you really want to avoid religious celebrations, the week of Easter is not the best time.

Booking your Guatemala trip in April

Traveling to Guatemala in April is a great time of year to travel, due to the perfect weather and dry, sunny days. April falls at the end of the dry season, so as the country makes its way into the rainy season the crowds begin to disperse as well. However, April usually contains the celebration of Semana Santa and Easter. This is a hugely popular time to visit Guatemala, and prices and crowds resume to something similar like the high season, so it is important to book everything in advance. If you are traveling outside the week of Easter, you may be able to find some deals!

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