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Guatemala in December

Guatemala weather in December

Avg. temperature: 19°C / 66.2°FSun: 6.7 hrs per day (sunshine) / 11.3 hrs per day (daylight)
Rain: 6.6 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 76%

The country of eternal Spring, as Guatemala is known to many, experiences pleasant temperatures throughout the month of December with next to no rain to dampen the days.

Guatemala temperature in December is enjoyably warm – not too hot – which makes for a great time to explore some of the best outdoor activities the beautiful country has to offer.

It is one of the busiest months to visit, as the Guatemala December weather is a welcome break for many travellers from the Northern hemisphere looking to escape the harsh winters of home. The height of the tourist season and the exciting month of Christmas (and yes, it lasts almost a month here!) is one of the best times to visit Guatemala as there’s so much going on.

There are so many things to do in Guatemala in December, and here we will take you through some of our top picks.

Christmas festivities in Guatemala City

Typical of many Latin American countries, Guatemala goes all out at Christmastime with plenty of traditional celebrations and cultural rituals that span the course of several weeks. Starting on the 7th of December with ‘The Burning of the Devil’ (we know, we know – doesn’t sound too Christmassy) the festivities conclude on the 25th of the month.

While events are held throughout the country, Guatemala City is one of the best places to join the celebrations. As the country’s capital, the people of Guatemala City put on a spectacular show to enjoy the Christmas period, including street parades, ‘Pasada’s’, fireworks and feasts.

There’s a lot to get involved in, and you can read more about it in our Guatemala Christmas guide.

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Go to Chichicastenango for the Fiesta of Saint Thomas

In the middle of December this week-long festival celebrates the patron saint of the highland city of Chichicastenango. Fireworks, street parades and a massive, eclectic fair not to mention food, drinks, indigenous dancing and general merriment as the city celebrates in traditional (and extravagant) dress.

This vibrant celebration sees the otherwise quiet city almost triple in population for the duration of the festival, and we’d highly recommend it for a taste of true Guatemalan culture.

See the eastern part of Guatemala while the weather permits

If you visit Guatemala during the rainy season, you maybe won’t have a chance to visit Izabal, in eastern Guatemala, as the daily downpours render much of the district off-limits. This is thanks to its wild and rugged landscape which can be best enjoyed during the dry months of summer.

The highlights of the region include Rio Dulce, where you can go sailing on the river, canyoning or partake in other adventurous watersports. At Lago de Izabal there are ancient Mayan ruins, rich wetlands, many natural hot springs and thick, dense rainforest just waiting to be explored.

Take advantage of the dry season and hike one of Guatemala’s 37 volcanoes

Guatemala is home to some of the best volcano hikes in the world, and its natural rugged landscape is one of the main attractions that draws in visitors in their thousands every day.

The hardest part is deciding which to climb, as each has its own unique charm and caters to different levels of climber, so depending on your experience and the level of challenge you are looking for, you certainly have plenty of options to choose from.

Acatenango is one of the best-known hikes in Guatemala due to its incredible views of a long chain of volcanoes, including the frequently erupting Fuego. Even if you don’t fancy the hike, be sure to find somewhere nearby to sit and enjoy the sights of the eruption during the hours of darkness – it’s spectacular.

Be sure to take your camera for this one as there are some sights you definitely don’t want to miss!

Attend a yoga retreat on a tranquil lake

This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but yoga is hugely popular in Guatemala and there’s no better time to join a retreat or take a class during the dry month of December. 

Perhaps it’s thanks to the tranquility of the gorgeous natural landscape that the practice is so loved here, and it’s easy to see why as classes are held on the shores of Lake Atitlan and in eco lodges in Semuc Champey against the perfectly peaceful backdrop of nature.

Delve into the depths of the water with a Guatemalan diving session

The dry months are the best time to go diving in Guatemala as the lack of rain allows for increased clarity under the water. You may not find Guatemala at the top of your bucket list as a diving destination, but you shouldn’t write it off as it does have some excellent diving spots.

Without a doubt, the most popular place to dive in Guatemala is at Lake Atitlan, where you can take a freshwater dive to a crater of a supervolcano – quite impressive, it’s needless to say. The good news is that, since Guatemala is not considered a diving hotspot, the place isn’t overrun with divers scrambling for the best underwater views. So, you should find it quite a pleasant, secluded place to explore the depths of the waters.

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