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Guatemala with Kids

As a growing touristic location, Guatemala should be on the list of next destinations to visit for its archeology sites, history and culture, and beautiful nature. Who knew it could be a great place to experience with your children and family? Regardless of the concerns about safety, travels in Guatemala can be a great way for the family to experience different cultures, language, and food of this Central American country. No need to book a sitter for your next trip to Guatemala, because it is friendly for children and families to come and enjoy. 

Is Guatemala safe with kids?

A child’s safety is always the most important to parents when traveling internationally. Just like anywhere else unfamiliar, you want to make sure to keep close eyes on your children at all times. Guatemala does have a reputation for not being the safest destination, however with proper safety awareness or precautions that a wonderful vacation is bound to happen very smoothly.  You do not want to judge a book by its cover. It is a great opportunity to travel in Guatemala!

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Things To Know 

There are a few things that should be known before traveling to Guatemala with your children to ensure safety and fun. English is not widely known or used, so it could be fun to brush up on some Spanish phrases. Blonde haired children will stick out and people would want to interact with them, because most of the people are darker skin toned with dark hair color. They will be happy to see families traveling with their children. Be sure to not allow anyone to drink water from the tap, inform your children to only drink from bottled water (or better yet, bring a travel filter so you don’t keep wasting plastic bottles). Try to avoid fresh fruits without a peel, because the fruit has been washed with water that is not drinkable. Most months are very hot and humid, so be sure to have enough sunscreen and sun gear for your little ones. Car seat laws do not exist in Guatemala, so do not be alarmed to see children without them or riding on motorbikes with their families. Car insurance is not recognized, so any accidents are paid out of pocket. You should also check with your doctors to make sure you are up to date with all vaccinations before travelling. Be advised that there are a lot of stray dogs, and to not allow your children to pet them because they may have things like fleas.

Antigua with Kids

A trip to Antigua, Guatemala will be one that you and your family will remember. You can explore the churches, ancient Mayan ruins, antique shops, and coffee and chocolate makers throughout the cobblestone streets. It can be hard to get around with a stroller, because of the uneven streets so by foot is probably a better way to get around. The ChocoMuseo is a perfect place to take the children to experience a chocolate workshop on how to make sweet treats straight from the cocoa bean! This will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of traveling to Guatemala for kids. Take your kids out on a hike to the Pacaya Volcano, an old volcano site where you can find the beautiful Lake Atitlan. The kids can enjoy the water and allow for their vivid imaginations and adventurous spirit to flourish!

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