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Guatemala in February

Guatemala Weather in February

Avg. temperature: 25°C / 77°FSun: 8 hours of sunlight, 4 hours of daylight per day
Rain: 2.5 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 64%

Guatemala in February is unexpectedly the perfect time to travel! The days are consistently warm with little to no rainfall, which makes it a perfect time to visit the best parts of Guatemala! Guatemala does not have the typical four seasons, but wet and dry seasons. The dry season lasts from November to April, while the wet season lasts from May to October. February falls in Guatemala’s dry season, making it an ideal month to visit Guatemala!

The high season in Guatemala is from December to January, so by the time February rolls around the crowds have started to thin out, making February a great time to visit Guatemala!

Due to the amazing weather and decreased precipitation, Guatemala in February is a great time to visit everything in Guatemala, from Lake Atitlan, to the central highlands, to Antigua! You’ll find that Guatemala in February is the best time to visit.

Things to do in Guatemala in February

Lake Atitlan

In Guatemala’s southwestern highlands lies the Atitlan Volcano. Lake Atitlan is created from one of Atitlan Volcano’s craters and sits just below the volcano. Surrounded by hills and volcanoes, Lake Atitlan’s views are unmatched. Known as a popular site to visit, due to its beauty and Mayan history, it should not be missed when visiting Guatemala. Lake Atitlan is perfect for visitors going to Guatemala in February, because you’ll have the most stunning views on clear, bright, sunny days!


Formerly, one of the most important Mayan cities, Tikal is an ancient wonder. The Tikal ruins are made from limestone and amongst the buildings you’ll find here are royal palaces, temples, administrative buildings, living quarters and plenty of stone monuments and figures. You are even encouraged to explore and climb to the top of the ruins! Since Guatemala in February boasts perfectly sunny days, it is the optimal time to visit Tikal. 


Ash Wednesday

As Guatemala is a religious country, most of the country wide celebrations revolve around holidays of the church. Ash Wednesday falls on the 46th day before Easter, so it is almost always in February. In Antigua, you will find the largest celebrations and processions in Guatemala, so feel free to join in, or you can avoid parts of the city that are near churches and cathedrals. As the celebration is celebratory, it is a great way to get out and meet locals!


Lent takes place from Ash Wednesday to Easter, every Sunday the church processions get larger and larger, leading up to the biggest event in the Catholic calendar, Easter. In February, the celebrations of Lent will only affect Sundays, so do not expect any difficulties getting around during your time in Guatemala. It is always a great idea to be mindful of the importance of these holidays for the local people, and to always respect the local ceremonies.

Coffee Harvest Celebration

In Frajianes, in the beginning of February, there is a whole weekend of celebrating the coffee harvest. From concerts, to parades, to demonstrations of local dance and culture, you’ll love experiencing the liveliness of the Coffee Harvest Celebration. Don’t forget to sample the tastiest local brews, as this is what the harvest is all about! 

Booking your Guatemala trip in February

Traveling to Guatemala in February is a great time of year to travel, due to the perfect weather and dry, sunny days. February is also when the peak season tends to die down and the crowds start to migrate back to where they came from. While the peak of the season may be over, we still recommend planning in advance, as February’s popularity is slowly rising. 

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