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Valhalla Macadamia Farm

When you think of Macadamia nuts, you probably think that they’re from Australia or Hawaii. Many people do not know that the Valhalla Farm in Guatemala is home to some of the best macadamia nuts in the world! All around Guatemala, you will find vendors that sell nuts, but in Valhalla you can find different products like butter, flour, and creams. Take a free tour of the farm, and get away from the crowded city life to experience a day of fresh air and new experiences. 

Attractions at Valhalla

Although the farm is open for production purposes, there are attractions for visitors and tourists to enjoy. There is a spa, restaurant, and shops to take advantage of that have products and food made from the macadamia nuts. Indulge in the best pancakes at the Valhalla Oxygen Lounge Restaurant. Made with bits of macadamia nuts, drizzles of creamy macadamia butter and topped with fresh blueberry that are all made fresh on the farm. They offer other great breakfast and lunch options as well. You can book in advance a reservation for spa treatment Valhalla Wellness SPA with products used and  made from fresh macadamia. 

How to get to Valhalla Macadamia

Valhalla is a short 15-20 minute ride from Antigua. You can go by taxi, but most people go by the chicken bus towards San Miguel Dueñas, leaving from the main station in Antigua. The bus costs less than $1 per person one way. The bus can take you straight to the farm, just ask the bus driver to stop at the las macadamias. This farm is perfect for a day trip outside of the rustle and bustle of the city.

We think an even better option is stopping by the Valhalla Macadamia farm as you travel from Guatemala City to Antigua by private car. This saves you the hassle of figuring out taxis or busses, and doesn’t waste your holiday time traveling back and forth.

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Are you exporting your macadamia nuts? Your nuts were mentioned recently by Carlos at Dante Chocolates. We are interested.

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