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Best time to visit Guatemala

In Guatemala, there is no such thing as the four distinct seasons you may expect in other countries; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Rather, there are two main seasons; the “dry” season, which lasts from November to April, and the “wet” season, which lasts from May to October. 

Guatemala is known as “The Land of Eternal Spring” thanks to its year-round mild temperatures, so there is no wrong time to visit this beautiful country. We’ll condense the key points to consider for each month in this handy quick guide. For more details on each month, simply click the titles and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Guatemala in January

Avg. Temperature: 23°C / 73.4°FSun: 8 hrs per day 
Rain: 6 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 78%

If you’re looking for a guaranteed sunny vacation, look no further than Guatemala in January!  The days are long and a whole 8 hours of sunshine grace the skies every day, plus it’s the height of the dry season so there’s little to no rain throughout the month. The Caribbean coast is perfect for lazy days by the beach, while it’s prime time to explore the Guatemalan highlands for the adventurers out there. Read more.

Guatemala in February

Avg. Temperature: 25°C / 77°FSun: 8 hrs per day 
Rain: 2.5 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 64%

Given that February is the height of winter in the northern hemisphere, you might be surprised to hear that it’s one of the best times to travel to Guatemala! With barely any rain and 8 long hours of beating hot sun, it’s the perfect time for a bit of winter sun. Volcanic Lake Atitlan is stunning year-round but the views are best enjoyed during February thanks to the crystal clear skies. It’s also a great time to hike the surrounding volcanoes! Read more.

Guatemala in March

Avg. Temperature: 26°C / 79°FSun: 8 hrs per day 
Rain: 5 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 78%

Springtime is a good time to visit Guatemala as it is generally hot and dry throughout the whole country! The height of the peak tourist season has passed, so you’ll get to enjoy the best of the weather with far fewer crowds (and better prices). Spend your time relaxing on the beachy coast or by one of the country’s luscious lakes, or get away from the heat with a hike in the highlands where the high-altitude temperatures will be a welcome relief! Read more.

Guatemala in April

Avg. Temperature: 32°C / 90°FSun: 8 hrs per day 
Rain: 36 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 59%

As the dry season comes to an end and the wetter weather starts to make an appearance, the temperatures rise to the highest Guatemala experiences throughout the year. Because of the heat it’s the ideal time to visit the country’s most beautiful beaches, lakes and waterfalls, where you can take a dip for a bit of relief. Something you shouldn’t miss during April is Semana Santa, the holy week surrounding Easter, which holds some of the best celebrations of the year throughout Guatemala. Read more.

Guatemala in May

Avg. Temperature: 22.9°C / 73.2°FSun: 5.2 hrs per day
Rain: 128.9 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 66.7%

May marks the start of the rainy season, but don’t let that put you off visiting Guatemala during this month. The temperatures are warm but not too hot, the days long with daylight and the heights of humidity haven’t yet hit. May is also part of the low tourist season this means fewer crowds, so you’ll have more of Guatemala to yourself. Read more.

Guatemala in June

Avg. Temperature: 25.8°C / 77.7°FSun: 5.2 hrs per day
Rain: 271.8 mmAvg. Humidity: 82.4%

Guatemala’s natural wonders flourish during the month of June as the wet season comes into full swing. The rain makes the natural environment flourish and the landscape is presented at its finest, the lush vegetation thriving from the water it gratefully receives. The days tend to be hot and sunny, and the rain rolls in toward the evening so there’s plenty of time to enjoy the dry skies in the great outdoors. Read more.

Guatemala in July

Avg. Temperature: 24°C / 76°FSun: 6 hrd per day
Rain: 203 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 81%

Although July is typically a popular time for a vacation, in Guatemala it is the height of the wet season which means it’s also a low tourist season. While you can expect rain, you can also anticipate lower prices than other times of the year as accommodation and travel providers fight for business. Storms are more likely to hit Guatemala’s caribbean coast, so we recommend staying more inland when visiting Guatemala in July- but, always check the weather! Read more.

Guatemala in August

Avg. Temperature: 25.5°C / 77.9°FSun: 6.2 hrs per day
Rain: 202.7 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 80.9%

In Guatemala in August there’s a brief break from the wet season as the rain holds back a little before coming back into full swing in September, meaning the opportunity is ripe to explore the beauty of the country without the crowds of the dry season. You should always check the weather conditions but in particular on the Caribbean coast, August marks the beginning of hurricane season so make sure you know what you’re in for if this is your Guatemalan destination. Read more.

Guatemala in September

Avg. Temperature: 21°C / 79.8°FSun: 5.3 hrs per day
Rain: 236.6 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 84.5%

The first thing you should know about visiting Guatemala in September is that it’s the wettest month of the year, so expect some major downpours! At the height of the rainy season, temperatures are very pleasant but rain clouds fill the sky most afternoons. This means a limited number of sunshine hours, and a pretty high humidity as the air gets thick from the rain. Thankfully, Guatemala is a country with a beautiful natural landscape that simply thrives in the rain, so September is a great time to see mountains, volcanoes, wild jungle and rainforests at their most vibrant. Read more.

Guatemala in October

Avg. Temperature:  25°C / 77°FSun: 6 hrs per day
Rain: 132 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 82%

Guatemala experiences one of its slowest months for tourism in October thanks to the storms that occur on the Caribbean coast. It’s still the wet season, but the end is near so the heavy downpours turn to lighter afternoon showers throughout October, so as long as you’re prepared with a poncho the rain won’t dampen your day too much. If you’re not afraid of an afternoon storm or two, you are still able to do some sightseeing and exploring in the morning, as this is when the skies are clearest. Read more.

Guatemala in November

Avg. Temperature: 19.5°C / 67.1°FSun: 7.1 hrs per day 
Rain: 48.8 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 79.2%

November is one of the best times of the year to visit Guatemala! It is the start of the dry season, the days are long and there’s plenty of sunshine. The best bit, though – it isn’t quite the peak tourist season yet, so you’ll have more of Guatemala to yourself! The daily temperature ranges from a cool 15°C on an evening to highs of typically around 24°C, so it’s not too hot, but perfect to enjoy the long hours of the sun’s warm rays. Head to the Pacific coast for some super hot weather if that’s what you’re looking for. Read more.

Guatemala in December

Avg. Temperature: 19°C / 66.2°FSun: 6.7 hrs per day
Rain: 6.6 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 76%

Guatemala experiences pleasant temperatures throughout the month of December with next to no rain to dampen the days. It is enjoyably warm, but not too hot, making for the perfect time to explore the great outdoors in Guatemala’s rugged terrain. Some of the best outdoor activities can be enjoyed in December, including hiking the many mountains, trekking up volcanoes and enjoying water activities on one of the country’s most beautiful lakes. Plus, December also hosts many exciting Christmas celebrations you simply cannot miss! Read more.

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